Discoteria Needs You, or It’ll Be Time To Say Goodbye!


Discoteria Needs You!

We recently received notice from our service provider, Radionomy, of our 3 month probation period for achieving our minimum audience numbers.  In accordance with their broadcast rules and regulations, we must be maintaining a listener listening average of 12 hours per day by our third month on the air.

In order to broadcast on Radionomy, we must meet the following thresholds to keep Discoteria on its platform:

Radio Station Age / Threshold / Minimum Audience Required

  • 3 months / Basic / 12 hours per day
  • 3-9 months / Advanced / 130 hours per day
  • 9 months / Premimum / 130 hours per day

This means that in one month, the first assessment will take place and you will need to have achieved an average audience of 12 hours/day for the preceding thirty days.

With this deadline fast approaching – July 31st – sadly, so far we have not come anywhere near this average (as of yesterday we were averaging 3.75 hours per day).

The reality of the situation is that if we do not maintain this average and don’t continue to maintain this average, Radionomy will be removing Discoteria from their broadcasting platform.  In short, this means Discoteria will be forced off the air.  We’re sure as faithful listeners you would not like to see this happen.

This is where you our listeners can help.

Tune In and Listen!  Please tune in and listen to our station as often and for as long as possible using one of these broadcast options:

  • Radionomy:  www.radionomy.com/en/radio/discoteria2/index
  • Yourmuze.FM:  www.yourmuze.fm/webplayer/discoteria2
  • Radioguide.FM:  www.radioguide.fm/internet-radio-canada/discoteria
  • Website:  discoteria.wix.com/discoteria (click on the player)

Spread The Word!  You can help get the word out by telling all your friends, family and co-workers about Discoteria.   The more listeners we get the better.  More listeners = longer listening hours.

Listen Frequently!  By listening to Discoteria on an on-going and frequent basis, this will help bring up our “minimum audience hours required” and will continue to keep Discoteria on the air.  If we don’t achieve these hours, I’m sure you’d hate to see us leave the airwaves – that means you won’t be able to hear all those classic club and chart disco tunes, our weekly broadcasts of Stephen L. Freeman’s Back To Music and other programming.

Your continued support of Discoteria is greatly appreciated.  We’re sure that together we can meet the goal.

Thank you.

FYI – Intermittent Streams

fyiJust a quick FYI to all our listeners, apparently our broadcast host, Radionomy, is experiencing a few technical problems with some of their broadcast streams where the streams will intermittently cut out or go silent for several minutes.  Please note that this problem is out of our control and we have been assured by our broadcast host that they are aware of the problem and are trying to rectify it as quickly as possible.  Thank you for your patience during this time.  It’s appreciated.