Discoteria To Shut Down October 30

cropped-banner4.jpgIt’s with saddened heart that we announce that Discoteria will be going off air Sunday October 30th.  Unfortunately we weren’t able to meet our required ‘overall listening hours per day’ (see the Oct 1st post for full details) as required by Radionomy.  While our overall listening hours did pick up for a brief period, over the past 7-10 days, we’ve seen a steady decline in listenership resulting in us falling drastically short of our targeted 12 hours per day average.  (As of this posting the station is only averaging 3 hours per day.)

We’ve enjoyed every minute of our ride on Radionomy.  We received a few email’s from listeners saying they enjoyed the station and the music we played, but despite those messages, it’s clear the vast majority of listeners didn’t (based on the low overall listing average per day).  And while I would love to keep the station on air, clearly something isn’t working.  I did what I could to promote the station (business cards, flyers, links on various radio sites, etc) and tried to keep the programming fresh and updated with new tracks added on a regular basis.  I guess it wasn’t enough.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you to all of the listeners who enjoyed what we did and supported Discoteria by listening to it on a regular basis.  The support was very much appreciated.

So, now all that’s left to say is ‘goodbye’.


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