Radionomy Stream Update

For the last two weeks, we’ve experienced a change with our Radionomy stream. The company has implemented a “Geo-Block” on strategically targeted countries. Listeners are unable to listen to our stream and are either given a notice or re-routed to a station that plays “lounge music”. All stations on the network are affected by this change.

Countries Affected by Radionomy’s Geo-Block
The Philippines
South Africa
Countries formerly in Yugoslavia (e.g. Serbia, Croatia)

If you live in these countries, we’ve come up with solutions so you can listen.

  • Listen to Discoteria on YourMuze.FM. – We’ve developed an alternate media player for affected listeners. This link has not had any issues with our stream and all listeners can access it without any problems.
  • You can list to Discoteria by visiting

Listeners in the United States are not affected by this issue, yet. There has been no official notice or explanation given by Radionomy executives regarding why this change was necessary. Producers were outraged by this change and many have decided to leave for other providers. We are looking at the current litigation between Radionomy and Sony Music, which may affect listeners down the road.

In the meantime, we are looking at alternate options to insure our future by looking for other companies who can service us. Many of these costs were originally covered by Live365 under a blanket fee. But because of their demise, we will have to absorb the cost ourselves. The costs of broadcasting for small radio stations have skyrocketed, specifically in music licencing.

While no decisions have been made at this point regarding our future, we will endeavour to keep our listeners up to date on all activities and actions related to the future of Discoteria.


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