The Big Announcement

Big News Everyone!


After Live365 closed business earlier this year, and up until that time, I had used their broadcasting platform for quite sometime and was extremely pleased with their services.  But when Live decided to shut down after the changes to the small broadcasters act in the U.S.A., I resisted going to another platform for quite some time.

A few weeks ago, I finally bit the bullet and decided to open an Radionomy account.  For the past two weeks, I’ve been experimenting with their broadcasting platform, I finally feel I’ve got somewhat familiar with the programming features on their service.  And, based on my experiences so far, I’m excited to reveal that I’ve decided to bring back my classic 70s disco radio station, Discoteria!

I haven’t set an official launch date yet, but in the meantime, I’m formulating some plans in bringing the station back.  Of course they’ll be all that classic 70s disco, but I’m thinking of broadening the music net a little further and may include some 80s dance music as well as more soul/r&b dance tunes as well.

I don’t want to say too much at this point, as nothing is concrete yet, but I can reveal that I’ve talked a bit to Stephen Freeman about the possibility of bringing back a new version of Back To Music too.

Plus, if any of you out there reading this, are a DJ or a fan of classic disco, I’d love to hear from you if you’ve got any programming ideas, or might be interested in doing your own podcast or show on Discoteria too.


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